Ericsson W35 Fixed Wireless Terminal, 3G Fixed Wireless Terminal, EDGE, UTMS, 3G, Gateway, HSUPA
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Ericsson W35
Mobile Broadband Router
for 3G/HSUPA Networks


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Software Upgrades

Software Release R12C

3 June 2009

The new firmware introduces a variety of fixes, see release notes for further information

To determine 'your current software version' log onto the W35's web interface, click on the system tab and check the 'Application Software' version. Please download the upgrade instructions and appropriate files below:

Your Current Software
Firmware File



Attn: Bell, Rogers & Telstra Customers
Using this firmware will corrupt your W35's software and cause the warranty to be void. Please contact your carrier for software updates.

(i) Please Note: Firmware upgrades are done at your own risk.

(ii) A reboot before upgrading is recommended

(ii) If your current firmware revision does not appear in the list above then it is highly likely you have unique firmware from your carrier, if this is the case upgrading using the above firmware may cause your unit to become inoperable. Contact your carrier for a software upgrade file.

(iv) WLAN needs to be turned off to conserve memory during the upgrade.

(v) Files do not need to be uncompressed.

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