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Ericsson W35
Mobile Broadband Router
for 3G/HSUPA Networks


Frequently Asked Support Questions

1                 LAN Connections
2                 Internet Access
3                 Wireless LAN
4                 USB
5                 Telephony (W35 only)
6                 Fax (W35 only)
7                 Miscellaneous


LAN Connections

Q1: I connected the Ethernet cable to my laptop and the W3x, but no lights come on the W3x LAN port?
Check power, Ethernet cable connection, or if you are using a laptop ensure that the laptop is AC powered. Some older laptops disable power on Ethernet cards to save power which can cause this problem.

Q2: I cannot access the web user interface on the W3x from a PC connected to one of the LAN ports.
Verify that the LEDs near the port lit indicating an active Ethernet link. This verifies that the LAN switch circuit is alive and that it should be possible to get connected to the unit.
If not, make sure the cable is properly connected or try another LAN port and make sure the network card in the PC is enabled and healthy.
Check that the connected PC is configured to obtain IP address automatically using DHCP. If the DHCP server in the W3x is enabled (which is the default configuration), the PC should automatically be assigned an IP address.
Make sure you are using the correct LAN IP address in the browser. If the LAN IP address has been changed and you do not know the current IP address, use the Reset button to reset the W3x to factory default configuration. This will set the LAN IP address to and the WUI address to http://mbr or
Make sure you are using the correct login password. If the default password has been changed and you do not know the current password, use the Reset button to reset the W3x to factory default configuration. This will reset the login password to user.

Note: Any settings customized by the end-user after purchase (i.e. APN, WLAN names/passwords) are erased and all settings originally configured at the factory are enabled

Internet Connections
Q1: I inserted the SIM card and powered the unit on, but the Internet  icon doesn’t come on?
Check the status of the Alarm  icon on the unit. If it is blinking, there exists an error condition that makes it impossible to connect to the mobile network (and Internet). See the information in the “ALARMS” section on the Overview page in the web user interface.
If the error condition “No Auto APN was found” is specified, the unit was not able to automatically configure the APN and/or user name and password. In this case, enter these settings on the Internet page according to information from your service provider.
On the Internet page in the web user interface, verify that the Link status is “Up” and that an IP address is received.
If you have done the above correctly, you may need to check with your operator to determine if your SIM card supports data services.

Q2: My Internet connection is unacceptably slow or regularly dropping.
The mobile signal quality available at the W3x location affects the performance of the unit. Observe the signal quality indicator on the front of the W3x which shows the quality of the signal from the mobile network. The more segments displayed in the bar graph, the stronger the signal. If the symbol in the centre of the graph is blinking the unit is searching for a mobile network connection.
Try to move the W3x to another position. Always select an indoor location, preferably close to a window and the ceiling which generally will give the best conditions.
Place the W3x away from microwave ovens and other transmitters (e.g. security/alarm systems) as they can cause signal interference.
An external antenna (indoor window or outdoor roof mounted) may improve reception. See Q3.

Q3: My W3x worked great on operator X, but when I replaced the SIM to another operator, the W3x no longer connect?
Confirm APN, user name and password from the new operator and change those settings (on the Internet page in the web user interface) on the W3x accordingly.
Note that in some cases the W3x configuration is locked to a specific operator and cannot be changed, i.e. another SIM card cannot be used and the APN cannot be changed. If you are unsure, contact the operator/distributor from where the unit was purchased.

Q4: I need to improve my signal strength, can you connect an external antenna to the W3x?
Yes, external antennas for the mobile network are available as small window mounts, marine, or larger external roof antennas. You will need an MCX patch lead to connect the antenna to the W35. See Powertec's website for patch leads and antennas.

Q5: What speed should I be getting on my Internet connection?
The theoretical maximums the W3x can support are 7.2 Mbps download, and 2 Mbps upload, but this depends entirely on your service provider’s coverage, and network capacity in your area. Contact your service provider with any questions related to network coverage or speed.

To achieve maximum performance on the Internet connection some parameters in the TCP/IP stack of the client PC can be changed. These kinds of settings are hidden in the Windows registry, but there are some tools that give user friendly access to them, for example “TCP Optimizer”,
Windows Vista and recent versions of Linux kernels have automatic window scaling enabled by default and should not need any TCP tweaking.
The following TCP settings are recommended to optimize the performance:
TCP Receive Window = 146000
Selective ACK:s = Yes
Max Duplicate ACK:s = 2
RFC1323 TCP Window Scaling = Yes (enabled)

Q6: I cannot access a certain Internet application or specific type of data applications?

Check the NAT page in the web user interface to make sure that the ALG supporting the Internet application is enabled.

If the application requires UPnP IGD, check that “UPnP IGD” is enabled on the NAT page. UPnP IGD is used to provide automatic port forwarding allowing communication between certain Internet applications and the local network. When UPnP IGD is enabled, programs like MSN Messenger® and most network enabled games are allowed to pass the NAT service.

A port forwarding rule might be required for a specific application. This is configured on the NAT page.

Wireless LAN
Q1: The Wireless LAN  icon didn’t come on when I powered the unit on the first time, what do I do?
WLAN is disabled from the factory as standard for security purposes. Connect an Ethernet cable between a PC and the W3x to establish a connection and enable the WLAN. WLAN is easiest enabled by running the WLAN Configuration Wizard (from the Overview page in the web user interface). Refer to WLAN setup instructions in the documentation.
Q2: My Wireless LAN  icon is on but I cannot get laptops to connect to it?
Verify that the Wireless LAN interface installed on the wireless client is active.
Verify that the network name (SSID) on the W3x and the wireless client are the same. Note that the network name is case-sensitive.
Verify that the operating system and Wireless LAN interface on the client supports the security method (WEP-64, WEP-128, WPA, or WPA2) configured on the W3x. These settings are displayed on the Wireless LAN page in the web user interface.
For the configured security method, make sure that the same encryption key or passphrase is configured on both the W3x and the client. Note that a passphrase is case-sensitive.
If using the “Whitelist” verify that the clients MAC address is included in the list and that the Whitelist is enabled.
If the wireless client uses a static IP address, make sure that this IP address is on the same subnet as the W3x. The IP address and subnet mask for the W3x is displayed on the LAN WUI pages.

Make sure that the W3x network does not use the same radio channel as other wireless devices, for example security systems. The radio channel used is displayed on the Wireless LAN page in the web user interface. Recommended channels to be used (in most cases) are 1, 6 and 11.      


Q1: What is the USB port for?
Typical uses are for printers which can then be shared via the sharing function of the W3x, or external hard drives which can also be shared for backup, or document sharing purposes.

Q2: I have connected a printer to the USB port but I cannot access it?
Make sure that the printer drivers are correctly installed on the PC.

Make sure that the PC used to access the printer belongs to the same workgroup as the W3x. The workgroup setting is found on the Sharing page in the web user interface.

The W3x supports two protocols for printing: SMB (Samba) and RAW. The protocol that is used may vary depending on printer and manufacturer. It also affects how to access the printer via the W3x. See information in the User’s Guide.

Q3: I have connected a storage device to the USB port but I cannot see the wanted files?
Check if the mounted device has several partitions. Only the first partition will be automatically mounted and shared.

Check if the mounted device has a supported file system; FAT, FAT32, ext2, and ext3.


Telephony (W35 Only)

Q1: I connected a phone to the W35 and I don’t get dial tone?
Telephony service must be supported by the subscription/network in order to work. If you are unsure, check with your service provider.
Make sure that the telephone is working, for example by connecting it to a fixed line telephone network (PSTN). The phone has to be of a standard touch tone type (with DTMF keypad support).
Note: Some old phones have a keypad, although they do not support DTMF. These phones are consequently not supported by the W35.
Verify that the telephone is connected to the port labeled “Phone”.

Q2: Is the voice port using Voice over IP?
No. The voice port uses the mobile network to make the call and is billed the same as a standard mobile phone.

Q3: How do I dial an emergency call (e.g. 112, 911, 000)?
If you have a working handset/phone connected to the device, simply dial emergency number and it is routed according to your SIM card. Emergency calls can also be made without a SIM card as long as the power is on, your handset connected to the W35 is functioning, and there is network coverage in the area.

Q4: How do I handle services such as 3-way/conference call, call waiting, call forwarding and so on?
Contact your service provider for information which service codes to use for different supplementary services.

Q5: Sometimes my Internet connection stops working when I get a phone call?
The W35 supports simultaneous voice and Internet when connected to a 3G network (assuming the operator supports it). If your connection is not 3G, voice will always take priority.

Q6: During a voice call the download speed is decreased by ~60kbps.

A reduction with 60 (or rather 64) kbps is natural since this is the bandwidth of a CS RAB (Circuit Switched Radio Access Bearer).


Fax (W35 Only)

Q1: I connected a fax machine and it doesn’t work?
The W35 utilizes a special type of fax capability known as T.38 Fax over IP. In order for this feature to work, your W35 must be registered with a T.38 Fax over IP service provider. If you are unsure, check with your service provider.
Internet access and a connection to a 3G network is a prerequisite for the fax service, see the “Internet access” part of this FAQ.
Verify that the fax is connected to the port labeled “Phone/Fax”.
Make sure the fax is working, for example by connecting it to a fixed line telephone network (PSTN).
Messages regarding fax status and failures are shown on the fax.

For customers in Australia the FaxTerminator service is available for faxing on the W3x.

Q2: In case the W35 is in 2G, is it possible to send a fax over CS by connecting the fax 2 wire cable to the “Phone” port?

No. The W3x does not support CS faxing often used by GSM service providers.

Q3: Is it possible to transfer fax over IP but not using T38?

It might be possible, but T.38 is the only supported method.


Q1: I have a MAC, can I use a W3x as my Internet connection?

Q2: Can I install 3rd party software on the W3x?

Q3: What happens when I push the Reset button?
Any settings customized by the end-user after purchase (i.e. APN, WLAN names/passwords) are erased and all settings originally configured at the factory are enabled.

Q4: I have an older firmware on the unit, can I upgrade to the latest firmware I found on the Internet?
Always consult your service provider to ensure correct upgrade procedures are followed. Some service providers have unique firmware and you cannot upgrade using the generic firmware. If you are sure your W3x has generic firmware visit the download section on this website.

Q5: What operating system does the W3x use?

Q6: Do I need to install software or drivers on my PC for the W3x to work?

Q7: Can I purchase an extended warranty?
Ericsson does not offer a standard extended warranty option directly from Ericsson. Please contact your operator/distributor for these questions. Powertec offers extended warranties for the Ericsson W35.

Q8: Does the W3x block VPN’s from passing through?

Q9: Does the W3x support Static IP?
Static IP is a feature of the service provider’s network. Contact your operator or service provider and request Static IP for your SIM. Note that some operators charge extra fees for this feature.

Q10: If I buy the battery backup, what does that give me?
Li-Ion battery backup is available as an accessory, and supports voice only in the event of a total power failure. The stand by time is up to 4 hours (if no telephone calls are made) and talk time is typically 3 hours. The battery can be purchased from Powertec.

Q11: I heard the W3x can do IPsec VPN, how do I configure it?
The W3x supports IPsec VPN but this cannot be configured via the web user interface. Contact your distributor or service provider how to use this feature.

Q12: Does the W3x include a firewall?
Yes, but the firewall is not configurable via the web user interface. Contact your distributorr or service provider how to use this feature.

Q13: I want to use Dynamic DNS, does the W3x support this function?
Yes, but DynDNS cannot be configured via the web user interface. Contact your distributor or service provider how to use this feature.

Q14: I need to set up “bridge mode” to connect to another router, how do I do this?
This can be done using L2TP Tunneling, but this is not possible to configure via the web user interface. Contact your distributor or service provider how to use this feature.



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